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Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan at Camp David, 1984 (Photo credit: White House Photographic Office)

The myths of Margaret Thatcher

April 24, 2013 | 0 Comments

By: Robin Harskin     Unlike most contributors to this website, I remember Margaret Thatcher, who died this month aged 87, as more than a wizened old ex-Prime Minister. I was 12 years old when...

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Still a European family? - European Council 14-15 March 2013 (Photo credit: European Commission Audiovisual Services 2013)

Are we still a European family?

April 17, 2013 | 0 Comments

By: Frederick Richters Follow @Fred_Richters     What is currently happening in the eurozone? I don’t really know. The so-called ‘crisis’ is constantly mutating into something different. The Union is in crisis, states are in...

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By: Niels Goet Follow @NielsGoet   I am growing a bit weary of the term “crisis.” There is no escaping the fact that across Europe governments are facing stalling growth and shrinking budgets. Tough calls...

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By: Tina Schivatcheva (guest contributor) Tina Schivatcheva is a graduate of the University of Cambridge (MA International Relations). Follow @TinaSchiv   Bulgaria’s constitution includes a wide range of social rights. However, the ‘democratic, law-governed and...

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