Mission and Values

EUspeak.eu strives to provide an accessible platform for students of European politics and international relations to express their views on contemporary issues in Europe. Feel free to take a look at our aims and values below!

EUspeak is Interdisciplinary
EUspeak aims to discuss a wide range of topics that touch upon different fields. Topics may include but are not limited to:

  • Social policy
  • EU external relations
  • Elections in European states
  • The euro crisis
  • Issues of leadership
  • Comparative politics

EUspeak is about Openness and Learning
EUspeak.eu aims to be a learning experience both for its readers and for the writers. We aim for quality but at the same time realise that the entry level should allow for beginning bloggers to express themselves. Some bloggers who write for EUspeak.eu are experienced, others are not. EUspeak offers both the opportunity to express their opinions in public. Many people have great ideas but are not confident enough to put them in writing – Euspeak is there to assist them in developing the necessary skills to do so.

EUspeak is about Exchanging Ideas
On EUspeak.eu, we stimulate discussion. We feel there is not enough opportunity for students to engage with some of the debates in contemporary Europe, and so we aim to be a platform to facilitate such discussions. Through debates, people may find new ideas and get inspired. Therefore, we value your ideas, and hope you will engage with the bloggers.

EUspeak is about Responsibility
Expression comes with responsibility. On EUspeak.eu, bloggers are given a platform to express their own opinion freely, but always with solid arguments, good use of sources, appropriate referencing where necessary, and proper language. Freedom of expression should be constructive and we intend to keep it that way.