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By: Emily Tamkin Follow @emilyctamkin     This weekend marks the seventieth anniversary of what is known in Russia as Victory Day, elsewhere on the continent as Europe Day, and in the United States as...

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"Protests continue in Kiev, everyday life in the Maidan, about a million people came to the popular assembly, independence Square in Kiev, Ukraine, on December 29, 2013" (Photo credit: Maksymenko Oleksandr, Creative Commons)

Europe! Whither art thou racing?

March 17, 2014 | 0 Comments

By: Emily Tamkin Follow @emilyctamkin     At the end of Nikolai Gogol’s classic Russian novel Dead Souls, the narrator likens a troika—a Russian vehicle pulled by three horses in many a Russian novel (and, presumably,...

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By: Emily Tamkin Follow @emilyctamkin     For those readers who have missed the constantly updating headlines and photos of protests in Kyiv: Late last month, the Ukrainian government announced that it was suspending preparations to...

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